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I’ve built Becky Lord Design on a foundation of quality, collaboration, kindness and trust.

Those aren’t just carefully chosen words designed to sound good on my about page, that’s genuinely how I do things round here.

When it comes to investing in a key supplier for your business, I get how important it is to take your time to find the one.

Let me introduce you to how I work and who I am behind the scenes…

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who I work with

are we the perfect match?
From luxury Event Planners to Therapists and Florists, Photographers and Beauty Brands to small, yet perfectly formed product based business, I don’t work with a specific industry or business.

The clients I do choose to work with are in all industries, all over the world, but they have a few common factors…⁠⁠

They are small, independent businesses. From one woman bands to small teams, they are proud of their small or micro status.⁠⁠
They are running their business with passion, with fires in their belly, dreams in their heart.⁠⁠
They care about the work they are putting out.⁠⁠
They adore their clients or customers.⁠⁠
They love about their industry and the people within it.⁠⁠
These are the kind of businesses and the people behind them I want to serve.⁠⁠ The kind I want to help grow and smash their goals.⁠⁠ The kind I feel deserve a bright, shining place in our world.⁠⁠

If this sounds like you and how you run your business, I want to hear from you! I am also always open to working with clients in a new industry (in fact, research and learning about a new industry is one of my favourite things to do!)

becky lord design by numbers

Over 14 years’ experience as a Designer
1000s of caffeine-fuelled days spent at my desk
Over 100s of client launches
1 feature in the 1st edition of Fiona Humberstone’s Forty Brilliant Brand Designers
More shoes on my Instagram grid than I can count

my story

how did i end up running a design studio?
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a Designer.

Established in 2008, Becky Lord Design is a product of my passion for beautiful design, branding, paper and print.

I love working letterforms till they’re a perfect fit, and I live for those moments when I figure out a fancy bit of web code. Ask me about patterns, print finishes and my pantone swatches and I’ll be in my element.

But after more than a decade in business, I get the biggest kick out of seeing my clients thrive. Their passion pushes me creatively and constantly inspires me to do my best work. Knowing I’ve helped them achieve their goals and played a part in their business journey is just dreamy.

Oh hi!

When i’m not at my desk, you’ll usually find me…


Tending to my ever growing obsession with Dahlias and picking flowers from the garden. 

That bouquet of flowers? I grew them! One day, when I’m feeling brave enough, I’m going to enter the Northern Show run by the National Dahlia Society.


On long hikes in the Peak District with my husband, Sam and our furry bestie or on a plane ready to immerse myself in another country. Slovenia is next on my list and we also try to visit Italy at least once a year. A big bowl of Gnocchi, a glass of Soave and gorgeous views are my idea of heaven.

behind the scenes

I’m not even going to deny my cliche-millenial life. My non-work time is usually spent nestled within a city centre coffee shop sipping a Macchiato, out eating Thai food or at a makers market buying more art and ceramics. 

If you ever invite me over for dinner, know I will always come over dressed (yes, even I know we’re just having a pizza takeout), armed with a bottle of wine I think you’re going to love and treats for your pet or little ones.

I believe the small things and the little moments are the best bits of life.



The Maid –
Nita Prose


Emil Bauer ‘Sex drugs Rock’n Roll’ Riesling.

crushing on

Russell & Bromley Discoqueen platforms (in orange please).

listening to

Treat Me

trying to

Master homemade gnocchi and not break bones whilst rollerskating