Welcome to the b-hive

A down-to-earth business accelerator for Graphic, Branding and Website Designers

Carefully curated Instagram posts might make it look easy, but it takes more than a Macbook and a pocketful of dreams to run a successful design business.

The B-Hive is designed to cover everything they didn’t teach you in design school.

You’ll be learning from the big wins, and big mistakes, of someone with over 13 years’ experience running a successful self-employed design business.

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here’s what
you’ll learn

Over the course of six weeks, we’ll dive into six modules covering each of the following topics. You’ll also have the opportunity to book a 1-to-1 call with me at any point throughout your journey.

The modules are broken down into chapters to help you easily work through the course content whilst allowing your to learn in bitesize pieces of information.


Defining your brand

If you’re trying to fit in, you’re never going to stand out. The B-Hive begins with a deep dive into finding your niche and establishing your own, unique style. You’ll learn about avoiding the comparison trap and carving your own path in a saturated market.

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master your workflow

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. In this module, I share all my workflow secrets from emails and file management to time blocking and schedule planning. I’ll also show you how to manage bookings and successfully juggle multiple projects.

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managing clients

Good customer service is all about the experience you create. Much of that experience depends on how you manage clients from enquiry right through to delivery. This module covers setting expectations so you can exceed them, communicating effectively, and keeping clients on track.

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doing the work

There’s a big difference between being productive and being busy. One involves working hard, the other is about working smart. In this module, I share my super-efficient four-step design process and a few other tricks of the trade including my top tips for managing feedback and dealing with difficult clients.

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running a business

Let me guess, you can do the creative stuff with your eyes closed but find the business side of things a little trickier? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! This module is designed to unravel the mysteries of client contracts, terms and conditions, creative IP, copyright, licensing, pricing, and admin. It’s not sexy, but it’s essential.

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taking care of you

Self-care isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. In this module, we’ll focus on mindset and wellbeing, learning how to look after your business’s most valuable asset – YOU. 

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the b-hive


The B-Hive is more than an e-course – it’s a perfect blend of online learning, one-to-one mentoring, and invaluable networking opportunities.

It’s your fast-track pass to confidently running a successful, profitable design business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Six modules packed with knowledge and information

Practical exercises and tasks designed to help it all sink in

The opportunity to enhance each module with a 1:1 mentoring session and receive personalised feedback and advice

Lifetime access to the modules and course materials

A beautiful welcome pack stashed full of goodies to help guide you through the modules.

Plus a whole stash of resources

Access my library of goodness, which includes:

1. Email scripts to help you with everything from saying no, handling complaints and navigating your enquires to always convert a booking.

2. Educational resources to help you continue your learning, level up your design skills and your personal growth.

3. My little gold book; full of my personal go-to suppliers for everything from legal advice, marketing and print. Tried, tested and very well loved suppliers.

“becky is the mentor equivalent of a paloma cocktail; she wakes you up, gets you motivated and makes you feel like a business running goddess ”

I was feeling jaded by every aspect of my business and had even got the point of applying for full time jobs. That was until I invested in mentoring with Becky. My whole business, and no understatement here, my LIFE has changed because of the advice, support and encouragement from this design QUEEN. I’m confident, I don’t open my inbox filled with dread, I’m excited and most importantly for me anyway, I am now contributing to my household financially.

– sophie

is the b-hive

for you?

aimed specifically at graphic, branding & website designers, this course is for you if:

You’re moving into self-employment from an in-house role or starting your very own design business.

Your systems and processes are a hot mess.

You’ve got a serious case of imposter syndrome.

Your design business is up and running but you’re struggling to turn a profit.

You’re making money but feel constantly overwhelmed behind-the-scenes.

Stress and confusion have become a regular feature of your working days.

You don’t feel confident dealing with client feedback or issues that may arise during the creative process.

But most importantly…

You’re ready to fall in love with your business. 

You’re eager to learn AND ready to do the work. This course will give you the tools you need to boost your business, but you’ve got to pick them up and use them.

the modules
cover over £6000
worth of content,
knowledge & guidance

look into the chapters

Because each module is crammed to the brim with information and resources, they are broken up into chapters to help you work through everything easily and to allow you to quickly refer back to something later down the line.

Each chapter is the equivalent of a 1:1 session with me which means you’ll be saving over £5000 when joining The B-Hive!

Here’s a breakdown as to what chapters are included within each module.

module 01

In module one we define everything about you and your brand, including defining what success means to you.

Chapter 01 : Defining your Design Style
Chapter 02 : How to successfully niche
Chapter 03 : The comparison trap
Chapter 04 : Clarity, confident & clients
Chapter 05 : Tools & software for Designers

This module also includes my go-to resources for business, colour, typography, designer toolkits and the opportunity to submit your work for professional critique.

module 02

Module two is focused on mastering your workflow and navigating multiple projects to ensure you run your day, not the other way around.

Chapter 01 : Easy email management
Chapter 02 : Easy file management
Chapter 03 : Planning your schedule
Chapter 04 : Client on and off boarding
Chapter 05 : How to build a waitlist
Chapter 06 : Retainers and passive income

This module also includes my go-to resources for project management, tools plus ready to go templates and email scripts.

module 03

The focus of module three is all things client related and I’ll teach you how to build meaningful relationships with all of your clients.

Chapter 01 : Setting client boundaries & expectations
Chapter 02 : Efficient client communication
Chapter 03 : Managing client deadlines
Chapter 04 : Learning to say no
Chapter 05 : Red flags & diffcult clients

This module also includes my go-to resources for communication tools, case studies and even more templates & scripts.

module 04

In module four we are aiming to become productive, not busy. I’ll be sharing everything I know to ensure you work smarter and not harder.

Chapter 01 : Client briefs & homework
Chapter 02 : Client consultation calls
Chapter 03 : My four step process
Chapter 04 : Managing client feedback
Chapter 05 : Delivery of end files
Chapter 06 : A look into my design process

This module also includes my go-to resources for tools to help you work efficiently, along with useful tech and sample briefs & templates.

module 05

Module five is dedicated to the nitty gritty of running a design business to ensure you always know where you stand on the legal side of things.

Chapter 01 : Pricing your services
Chapter 02 : Contracts & terms
Chapter 03 : IP & Copyright
Chapter 04 : Stock & font licensing
Chapter 05 : Day to day admin

This module also includes case studies, legal resources and sample contracts.

module 06

We end The B-Hive by focusing on your biggest business asset…you.

Chapter 01 : Investing in your biggest asset
Chapter 02 : Recognising stress & anxiety
Chapter 03 : Easy self care tips for Designers
Chapter 04 : Breathwork session

This module also includes my self care go-to ‘s and wellbeing resources.

plus, these
amazing resources

over 40 client scripts

Ready-to-go client scripts covering everything from enquiries, boundary setting and client management. You name it, there’s a script for everything so the days of finger hovering over your keyboard when you’re unsure what to write will officially be gone!

Templates & resources

You’ll be able to make use of my very own master templates and file management structure, including my client logo packs

client questionnaires

Knowing the right questions to ask your questions is fundamental to a project running smoothly. The B-Hive resource section also includes access to templates for client briefs to utilise in their entirity or to allow you to pull specific questions from to help inspire you to create your very own client brief questionnaires.

Fancy AF welcome gift*

A welcome gift full of my favourite every day go-tos that I genuinely use to help run my business. Including exclusive and limited edition extras from my major brands within the design industry. 

passion project briefs

In addition to the client briefs, the resource section also includes a stash of passion project briefs to allow you to test out your creativity and build your signature style. I’ll teach you how to breakdown a brief to ensure your designs always go beyond the ‘pretty’. You also have the option to submit your design work to me for critique.

*Please note due to the contents of the welcome gift, this is only available for UK based members. If you’re based outside of the UK and would still like to get your hands on the welcome pack, please let me know and I’ll happily provide a quote for shipping fees to your destination and check the contents can be safely delivered to you.

an extra summin’ summin’

1:1 sessions

Boost Your Confidence and Level-Up Your Learning

Online learning is great, but sometimes you need to chat things through and get really specific about applying what you’ve learned to your own business.

To give you a boost where you need it most, each module in the B-Hive comes with the opportunity to add an extra 1:1 mentoring session. It’s your chance to pick my brain, benefit from more than ten years of design experience, and receive tailored feedback and advice.

Your Investment: £200 per session

here’s what you’ll get:

1 x 60-minute 1:1 session + 1 x 30-minute 1:1 follow-up session

All 1:1 sessions will be held via Zoom or over the phone.

Before your 60-minute session, you’ll be given a task to complete. I’ll review your work and create a detailed report for us to discuss during your call. The session will also include:

  • The chance to talk through ideas and troubleshoot any concerns or issues
  • Expert feedback, advice, and a whole lot of cheerleading!
  • Personalised recommendations to help you improve
  • Practical tips and an action plan to guide you as you move forward

4 weeks later, we’ll check in again. During your 30-minute follow-up session, we’ll discuss your progress, monitor improvement, and celebrate any wins!

“becky, i have just completed module one and omg – what a game changer this is already!”

I honestly can’t believe how much module one alone has changed my business and I already feel so confident in the changes I’m making. The niching chapter in itself is a worth the entire course fee, your approach to this has quite literally blown my mind! I can’t wait for module two next week.

– hollie

frequently asked

Is this suitable for wedding stationers?

If wedding stationery is your sole offering, this isn’t the course for you.

I'm just starting out, is the B-hive for me?

It’s perfect for you if you’re just starting out. You’ll gain not only a whole tonne of design-business related knowledge but you’ll build strong, confident foundations for the future of your brand.

can i pay via credit card?

Yes! You can choose your payment method at checkout.

can i pay in instalments?

Yes! Sign up before 6th October and you have the option to pay via 2 x monthly instalments

will I be set deadlines?

Each of the modules are released weekly and you’ll work through these at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the course content so whether you’ll be checking in every week or once a month, it’s really up to you!

Will need access to the internet?

You will. The entire course is run online.

Will i need to login every week?

Although the modules are released weekly, you can login each week or at whatever time works for you. Remember you’ll have lifetime access so you’re welcome to login in as soon as a new module is launched, at the end of the six weeks or even in a few months time – whatever works for you.

Can I book a 1:1 for every module?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to book a 1:1 session for all modules individual modules.

Do I need any specific tools/software?

You will need some form of device but it doesn’t have to be a desktop/laptop – you’ll be able to navigate the course via a phone or tablet.

The only additional element I recommend, is a good old notebook and pen.

Can we chat before sign-up?

Absolutely! Please send me an email to and we’ll schedule in a chat.

Can you guarantee I'll get clients?

I can never guarantee a certain result from the course. What you take away from the course and how much work you put into your business is really down to you.

What about refunds?

If you change your mind before the B-Hive opens, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. If you change your mind after doors open, you’ll be partially refund and this will depend on the modules you’ve had access to so far. You’ll find full terms here.

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