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Your competitors have rebranded and it looks awesome. You’re scrolling Pinterest and see ALL THE BEAUTIFUL things. Your head is full of ideas but you’re not really sure if you need to rebrand or if you do in fact, have a perfect identity but you’re being consumed by the comparison trap.

Or, it may be that you rebranded recently and you’re not sure if it’s working hard enough for you or something is niggling you about the new look that you can’t put your finger on.

That’s where I come in.

With over 10 years of branding experience, I know what works, what doesn’t and how to move forward regardless. I’ll be brutally honest with you and I definitely won’t sugar coat things. You’ll be given my absolute honest advice and recommendations on how to get brand happy.

You’ll either come out of the process with a new found love for your brand identity or a clear direction as to what you’re next steps are. Either way, let’s put those niggling feelings to bed and get your focus back on running that fabulous business of yours.

how it works

1. You choose your preferred slot using my calendar below
2. You’ll be asked to make payment
3. They’ll be a quick form for you to fill in prior to our chat to help me understand your thoughts
4. We’ll chat at the scheduled time
5. I’ll prepare an action plan and recommendations based on our call
6. At the end, you’ll know exactly what direction you want to take. Whether that’s opting for a rebrand or falling in love with your current identity all over again, you’ll have a clear head and be confident in your brand’s future.

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