Essential tools & software for graphic designers

In Module One – Chapter Five of The B-Hive, I’m going to walk you through the tools, software and resources you actually need and those that can go onto your wish list instead. Contrary to popular belief, you can get by as a Designer with very little investment initially.

Let me give you a glimpse into M1 C5…


Are you really a Designer if you don’t sit in a coffee shop with your Macbook?
Yes. Yes you are.

Most Windows based PCs can offer the same if not better tech options for you. The majority of the software I’ll be sharing with you in this chapter is compatible with Windows and you’ll find they are usually a more cost effective option than purchasing an Apple Device.

The introduction to this Chapter will share my top tips on how to choose the device(s) that are right for you and how to invest in them wisely.


There is no getting away from using certain software if you want to have a design business. Your clients and suppliers are going to expect your work in certain file formats and I’ll share exactly what you need, and why, for each type of design project.

There are also a few tips on how to get discounts and we’ll talk in detail about potentially controversial apps like Canva.


As a self-confessed print addict, this is definitely my favourite part of the chapter! I’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of some incredible suppliers who are my go-to for anything print related. Along with tips on how to get your hands on swatches and how to build a solid working relationship with a Printer.


Two of the biggest tools in your kit are colour & type.

Do you really need a Pantone Swatch Book? And what swatch book? And do you need to rebuy each of their yearly additions? I’ll simplify everything related to Pantone in this chapter and share my other secret go-to resource for colour chips and swatches.

When it comes to type, get used to the fact right now that your font obsession is going to be borderline crazy, if it isn’t already. The resource section for this entire module is packed to the brim with typography recommendations, from where to shop, how to learn more and fun interactive typography based inspiration. (Psst…In Module Five of The B-Hive, I have a chapter dedicated to Font Licensing too!)


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