everything you need to know about launching a new brand 


Launching a new brand requires planning and preparation. You should endeavour to build anticipation in advance and make sure you’re on hand to respond to fans and followers as soon as your website goes live. Post-launch blues are perfectly normal. Rather than worrying, focus on making connections, marketing your business and doing good work.  

Launching a new brand is so much more than simply introducing everyone to your website and logo. You’re presenting an image to the world, communicating your value and telling people why your products and services are special and unique.   

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process, so here are my top tips for launching a new brand…  

Before You Launch

Set a Date and Create Hype 

While work is underway, it’s a good idea to ensure your website has a holding page informing people of what’s to come. You can use social media to countdown to the big day and Instagram Stories is the perfect platform from which to share sneak peeks of what’s going on behind the scenes. You might want to consider a PR campaign that includes reaching out to online influencers and/or contacting relevant print publications. 

Be Launch Savvy 

soft launch with friends and family could help you iron out any bugs before the big reveal. Once you’re ready for the real thing, try sending email reminders to your mailing list the day before and/or an hour before the launch. If you’re expecting high levels of traffic, don’t forget to make sure your hosting can cope. 


Launching a new brand is a big deal! Prepare to mark the occasion by planning a promotional discount, giveaway or competition. Build even more excitement and anticipation by organising a launch party or event.  

Launch Day  

Your website will be ready to go with the click of a button, so be sure to triplecheck everything in advance. You’re bound to generate a buzz on social media, so you’ll want to be up early and poised for action. Prepare to respond to comments and answer questions as soon as they start flooding in.  


It’s perfectly normal to feel a little deflated post-launch. You’re unlikely to get rich overnight, sales may flatten, and interest may seem to have dropped. Don’t worry! Launching is just the beginning and it’s not unusual for things to settle down a little after such a big promotional push.  

In the days and weeks after you launch, it’s important to maintain a strong presence on social media, keep up marketing campaigns (if applicable) and work hard to generate new leads. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that…  


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