Booking & PAYMENT

How do I book?

To start the booking process, please head here.

How much does it cost?

This will vary depending on the service you’re looking to invest in. All pricing is detailed on my website under the relevant package.

For branding, please click here.
For branding + web, please click here.
For websites, please click here.

What does project start date mean?

Your ‘Project Start Date’ is the date I will begin your project. Before then, you’ll have tasks and homework to complete but your project doesn’t officially begin until your start date.

From your start date, and assuming their are no delays on your end, the process on average takes:
Blossom – 5 Weeks
Prosper – 12 Weeks
Flourish – 10 Weeks

How far in advance should I book?

For brand only projects, you should choose a start date ideally 6-8 weeks before your ideal launch date. For website projects and Prosper brand bookings, 12-18 weeks before you plan to launch.

For website projects, I will need your content & imagery prior to your Project Start Date so something to keep in mind when working out your schedule.

Please note: my schedule is usually booked up 2-3 months in advance.

What is your current wait list?

I’m currently welcoming new bookings for April 2020.

Can I pay in instalments?

All branding and website bookings are paid for via instalments. An initial 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking, this is to secure your place and also covers the initial design stages, with the remaining balance falling due at set milestones throughout your project.

Do you accept international clients?

Absolutely! I’ve created my process to be workable regardless of location and as such, my clients are located all over the world.

I have a really tight deadline, can you fit me in?

Rush services are not available for branding and website projects. My availability is as per my website.

For graphic design services, a rush service may be available but this does depend on my schedule at the time of your enquiry. A rush service fee is applicable starting from £300.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made via BACS or PayPal for international clients.

Are deposits refundable?

For branding & website projects as these are booked weeks in advance, I often have to turn clients away for your reserved time slot, if you back out this could leave an empty slot. As such, my deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit secures your place in my design queue and ensures you are serious about moving forward with our project.

For any other work, payments are only refundable if no work has started.

Do I have to sign a contract?

For all branding and website work a design contract will be issued. Don’t worry though – it’s nothing scary! For any other work a contract is not normally required.

I need other design work, can you design this?

Of course! You can find a full list of costs here.


Do I need to brief you before booking?

Nope, we’ll cover this once you’re booked in. My initial booking form will gather the basics I need to know to ensure we are the right match but the nitty gritty will be covered during the first phase of our project.

I've chosen a font & colour palette, what next?

If you’ve predefined certain creative elements and looking to piece these together to create a design, I’m not the Designer for you.

My branding services are only for those looking for a full redesign service.

How many designs will I receive?

You’ll initially receive two brand identity concepts. You’ll choose which you want to move forward with.

Your final logo pack will contain at least one logo and one logo icon but may include more depending on your final choices.

Are changes to the logo free?

After you’ve received your first concepts you’ll have the opportunity to make two lots of refinements to one chosen concept only. Refinements only include minor tweaks & perfections to your chosen design and not full redesigns or new concepts.

You may like to see a combination of two concepts which is absolutely fine.

Once you’ve received your draft brand style guide you’ll then have the chance to make a further two rounds of refinements and up to two refinements on the colour palette.

Can I book you to create just one logo?

I don’t offer a single logo only service. When working with small businesses regularly, I know not only the importance but the convenience of having more than one version of a logo.

My Blossom bundle is my brand-only service which covers everything a small business needs for it’s brand identity and ensures you have a logo version to hand for all occasions and a seamless look across all touch points.

What happens if I don’t like any of the designs?

It’s really important you provide me with a concise brief and you ensure you have a clear idea of your project. In the very unlikely chance this happens, additional designs can be produced at £150 per concept.

This will be confirmed with you before going ahead. Payments will be required before any additional work is undertaken.

What format will I receive my final logos in?

Your logos will be sent via Dropbox in:

• EPS (Vector)
• JPEG for print
• PNG (transparent background)
• Monochrome versions (black and white on transparent backgrounds)

PSD files are not included within logo packs but Photoshop can open all of the above without a problem!

What do you use to create my logo?

Logo designs are usually created with Illustrator. Depending on the design, I may create initial sketches on pen & paper. I also use my Wacom tablet for freehand, digital drawing.

Can I have a Photoshop file?

Photoshop’s purpose is for photo editing, not logo design. As such, you won’t receive a .psd (photoshop) file of your logo however, you’ll be able to work with any of the logo files included within your logo pack in Photoshop.

I want to use a specific font in my design.

I’m here to take you on a fabulous visual journey and a huge part of this invovles choosing font styles that work for your brand and brief. If you’ve already got your heart set on a specific font, I’m not the Designer for you.

Will I own my logo?

The full ownership of your logo will be transferred upon final payment of your project fees. You’re welcome to register the logo as a trademark too!

Can you help me name my business?

This isn’t where my expertise lies, instead I’d recommend reaching out to a Copywriter like Love Audrey for help on this!


What platform do you use to create websites?


Will my site be custom made?

All WordPress sites require a “theme” to be installed. The theme used for your website would be bespoke to you/your brand.

Can I choose a theme?

No, I don’t work with pre-designed themes.

Is hosting required?

Yes, all websites will require WordPress hosting to be set up prior to me being able to start the design & development work. You can set this up yourself or I can do this on your behalf for an additional fee.

How much is hosting?

That really depends on your chosen host. As a guideline for a standard site (like mine), I’d recommend setting £5/month aside for WordPress hosting.

Can you update my current site?

Updating an existing website is not a service I currently offer.

What additional costs are involved?

All websites will need the following:
– A domain name (ie www.yourbusinessnamehere.com) | From £2/month
– WordPress hosting | From £5/month
– An SSL certificate | From £80/year

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Absolutely. Google will start to block your site and/or show your site as non-secure to visitors should you not have an SSL certificate installed. You can purchase a certificate from your WordPress host.

Will I be able to edit my website?

Yes! For even the least tech-savvy, WordPress is relatively easy to use and you’ll be given access to my online tutorials and guidelines.

You’re given full, free reign to edit your site as and when you please but do understand that any mistakes which need rectifying will incur a recovery fee.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you’ll find it easy to use/update but know I have your back for any site changes you need. 

I have clients who I hear from once/twice a year who happily update their site themselves and those I work with on weekly basis to keep their site looking fresh and beautiful. 

What access will I have to my website?

You will be given Admin access to your website. This means you’ll be able to make minor changes to the site, implement SEO and blog. For e-commerce clients you’ll also be able to fully manage your shop. You will be emailed a lovely helpful booklet detailing website changes and how to action these once the website is complete.

Are updates & maintenance included?

During the development stage, two rounds of amendments are included within the fee. Any updates/amendments requests required after the final invoice has been issued will incur a fee. These are charged at my hourly rate of £45 per hour.

All clients receive 12 months of complimentary WordPress and plugin updates.

Post launch, any additional work you’d like me to complete will be quoted for at my hourly rate of £45.

Can I have an online shop function?

Absolutely! This starts from £300 depending on the quantity of products you need adding.

Who will manage my online shop?

For e-commerce sites the first 20 product listings are included within your booking. After these products have been added and the product formatting has been set up, then is a great time to start adding products to the site yourself so you become more & more comfortable with managing your new online shop.

Shop & order management is entirely down to you, I’m here to craft the beautiful site design for you! I do have a super helpful booklet on the basics to email across to you once the site is ready. Should you feel you’d prefer to have the website managed by me, monthly retainer packages are available.

Where will my site be hosted?

This is entirely up to you! I’m happy to recommend my preferred providers but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Any hosting set-up will be registered in your name and you’ll be fully responsible for any fees incurred and renewals.

Do you set up domains & emails?

I can register your domains and emails during the hosting set-up. This will be charged at the same rate as your chosen host bills plus a handling fee of £20.

I don’t offer support for setting up emails on your chosen email client (i.e. gmail/iPhone…).

Will my site be secure from hackers?

WordPress have two plugins specifically for security, these are added to your site as soon as the hosting is set up. One prevents comment spam for all you lovely bloggers, the other helps keep the overall site secure and free from hackers. Obviously, I can’t 100% guarantee your site will never be hacked.

Do try to keep all passwords as secure as possible and don’t share these with anyone. If you need an additional user added to your website, please let me know and I will set them up with their own username & password.

What about technical issues?

Hosting/Technical issues are something that is incredibly rare with WordPress and usually only occur when storage limits have been exceeded, horrible spam comments on your blog haven’t been regularly deleted or something has been manually amended within the Theme Functions file by yourself.

If any issues arrise which are due to hosting or server issues, it is the responsibility of yourself and your host to resolve this. For any WordPress/Plugin issues, I am able to offer technical support at £45 per hour.

Is my site backed up?

For the first twelves months back-ups are complimentary, and are actioned on/around the 1st of each month. After this, you can then either decide to back your site up yourself or book in for an additional 12 months for £120.

You are absolutely welcome to do this yourself too – I recommend this is done monthly and stored securely.

Do you write the website content?

No, this is something you can either write yourself or hire a Copywriter to do on your behalf. I can highly recommend Franky of Love Audrey for all your copywriting needs.

Are images included?

No, you source all of the site imagery. Whether this involves an organised photoshoot or stock imagery, I can recommend my favourite suppliers!

Is SEO include in the price?

Basic SEO is included. This extends to:

• Optimising images for SEO
• Submission of your sitemap to search engines
• Installation of YOAST (SEO plugin)

Need extra or more indepth SEO help? I’m happy to recommend an SEO expert who specialises in your industry.

Will be site be synced with Google Analytics?

No but you can add this service for £50 on during the booking process or at a later date should you not wish to handle the initial set-up yourself.


Do you print in-house?

I outsource all of my own and my clients printing to my fabulous printers. The printers I choose are selected because I am fully confident in their production, materials and trust them 100% with producing only the best final finish for our artwork. I handle my clients printing for 99% of their projects so I would be more than happy to do so with you too!

Can I print the design myself?

If you would rather to arrange printing of the artwork yourself I can arrange for a print-ready file to be sent to you or your printer however I can not be held responsible for any finishing and printing errors/disappointment that occurs.

Can I see a sample before commiting?

Print samples are possible however, they do incur a charge due to the set-up process. I can however arrange for card and foil swatches to be sent to you. These are generic swatches but are a great reference point.

How much does Printing cost?

This varies quite a lot depending on the item, finish and quantity. I offer a Print Management Service should you wish for me to obtain quotes or handling the printing on your behalf. This service is £70 or complimentary for my branding clients.

Graphic DESIGN

How many designs will I receive?

This depends on your project but is really up to you! You’re welcome to book in for as many different options as you like.

Will you update a design that I've created?

I do not currently offer a service for updating/working with designs created either by yourself, another designer or a template website design.  I only offer a full design service.

I do offer a branding consultation for those feeling a little ‘meh’ about their logo.

Are changes to the design free?

Two complimentary rounds of refinments are included in your design. After this, changes are charged for at my hourly rate of £45 per hour.

What happens if I don’t like any of the designs?

It’s really important you provide me with a concise brief and you ensure you have a clear idea of your project. In the very unlikely chance this happens, additional designs can be produced at the same fee you are charged for the first design(s).

What format will I receive my final design(s) in?

For design projects your design will be provided in a PDF format which will be set-up depending on your needs. JPEG files are available upon request.

Photoshop files are only provided if requested before your project starts.

The original artwork files (i.e. the templates) are available to purchase outright for an additional fee.

Will I own the designs?

Designs remain copyright of Becky Lord Design. Purchase of any design item(s) does not transfer copyright of the design. Please see my full T&C’s for further information on copyright.

Can i purchase an extended license?

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

What do you use to create my design?

This depends on your project! I use mainly Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, along with initial sketches on pen & paper. I also use my Wacom tablet for freehand, digital drawing.

Can you create a Word document for me?

No, I don’t use Word for designing.

I want to use a specific font in my design.

If you’ve seen a font you love we’ll chat about whether or not this works with your project. If said font isn’t one I have on file, the purchase price will be added to your next invoice.

Are stock images included within your fees?

No, however I can incorporate the cost of these and a sourcing fee into your quote should you be needing any stock imagery. Please do let me know prior to quoting.


If I don't like the design, do i get a refund?

In the unlikely event you don’t like the design(s) created, any money pre-paid is non-refundable. 

I’ve noticed a mistake, what do i do?

You’ll have the opportunity to make two rounds of refinements to your design and this is the time to proof and double check everything.

If you’ve received the final artwork and noticed a mistake, you’ll be charged the time spent to edit and prepare the files again. This can be anything from £10 upwards depending on the amount of changes needed.

If your item has been printed, as noted in my Terms and Conditions, all proof checking is yours (the clients) responsibility so any re-prints will incur full re-printing charges.

Do you accept returns on printed items?

Refunds are only issues on the items that do not match the final proofs as approved by you. This does not include colour matching.

Can I cancel my project?

You’re welcome to cancel at any time. Any monies pre-paid are non-refundable.

studio hours:

9am - 4pm GMT
Closed uk holidays

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