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From words to wonder : How your logo comes to life

The number one question a potential client asks me is along the lines of:

“But how will you know what I want?”

Or better yet:

“How will you know what I want when even I don’t know what I want?”

If you’ve ever wondered how a Brand Designer turns your scribbles and musings into a logo design, I’m about to unveil all of our secrets.

One: A comprehensive booking process

If you’re enquiring with a Designer it’s highly likely you’re doing so because you love their style of work, which is a great foundation.

Every Designer works a little differently but most will, at the very least, want to determine if you are the right match. Some do this through a discovery call, others will ask for a brief upfront – be guided by your chosen Designer here, they’ve set up their own process based on their preference of working. Likewise, don’t be put off if it’s a process you’re not used to having worked with another Designer previously.

My booking process is comprehensive. It isn’t just a basic contact form, it’s designed to give me everything I need to initially determine if we are the right match, which is really important for both of us. This form collates a mood board from you too. This draft mood board gives me a quick glance visually at what you’re aspiring to achieve, this is a key element for me as it determines whether your dreams align with my design style.

Whilst my design style can adapt from the fun and vivacious, to the minimal and clean to modern luxury, I have an over arching aesthetic of effortlessly elegant, curated and polished.

If I know we’ll be a dream team together, I generate a bespoke proposal. This is designed to cover the finer details of my process and provides a clear overview of the process. When sending this proposal, I also encourage you to book a discovery call if you wish but it’s entirely your decision. I am very respective of the fact not everyone enjoys a telephone call with a stranger.

Should I decide we aren’t the right match, I’ll usually be able to point you in the direction of the right Designer for you needs.

Psst…If you’re wondering why I don’t require a full brief at this stage, here’s a really good overview.

Two: Your design brief, a Designers holy grail

Ok, let’s skip to you officially being booked. Next, I need a design brief from you. I don’t ask my clients to write a brief from scratch as it can often result in key info being missed, instead I’ll ask you to complete an in-depth questionnaire which asks everything under the sun about your brand, clients, pain points and aspirations.

A design brief is essentially like giving me a treasure map. I soak up every word, even if it’s a detailed as your grans christmas cake recipe. I encourage my clients to write their autobiography; the more I get to know you, the better your logo will be. I love ramblings, I love musings, I love hearing about your random ideas.

View your brief as the equivalent to a recipe. Just like a chef plans a meticulously detailed recipe, I create a creative brief from your answers.

Three: Decoding your musings

Your brief is like a mysterious code, and it’s my job to decode it.

I immerse myself in your brands world, digging through your competitors, market trends, industry secrets and I will absolutely be stalking your every move on social media. It’s my way of making sure I’m not just doodling or throwing something together because it looks good; I’m crafting something that’s uniquely you and importantly, representative of the brand you’re striving to be.

This is the stage I start to unmuddle you behind the scenes and define a more creative path for the logo. It’s where my experience, knowledge of your industry and all of the in depth research I will have completed comes into play.

Behind the scenes and to the untrained eye, it might look like random sketches and a notepad full of scribbles to me, it’s the makings of your brand blueprint.

Four: Your blueprint

With the code unlocked, I then put together my own creative brief and roadmap for the logo journey.

For my clients, this forms part of the creative strategy. Yes, it’s creative and fun but there needs to be strategy involved.

I present my clients with two provisional creative mood boards. These mood boards cover a visual representation of what I’m thinking visually for your logo design based on all of my research, unmuddling and decoding. It ensures you’re really clear on your brands personality and the key visual elements like typography, assets and colour.

This stage of the process ensures we’re both on the same page so it’s a stage I take seriously. It isn’t simply a case of picking a pretty font, it’s about honing in on my expertise and knowing the exact font combination needed to create the brand you’re dreaming of.

Normally my clients give me a big fat YAY and I then move forward. In the very unlikely event both mood boards aren’t sitting right with you, we usually have another check-in call and rethink your brief.

Five: The creative magic

Now, it’s time for the extra fun part; the development of your logo designs.

I put on my creative thinking cap and let the magic flow. I brainstorm, sketch, and doodle until ideas start to take shape. Some might be wild, some may never see development beyond a a quick scribble and some might be conservative, but that’s all part of the process.

Once I have a basic idea for a concept I’m happy to move forward with, I’ll build this out into a full brand identity, creating multiple versions of the logo, building out icons and, potentially, creating patterns and illustrations.

This stage of the process is a true labour of love. Your logo isn’t just an image; it’s your brand’s storyteller. It should speak volumes about who you are and what you do. I make sure it’s not just visually appealing but also emotionally engaging.

Once I’m confident that I’ve nailed it, I’ll present the final designs to you, this includes a video walkthrough explaining the story behind the concept and how it fulfils your brief. We then work together to refine where necessary before I deliver your final brand identity.

To wrap up:

And there you have it, the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic that turns your thoughts into a visual masterpiece. From our first encounter to the grand logo reveal, it’s been a journey fuelled by creativity, collaboration, and a dash of strategic magic.

If you’re ready to embark on your own design journey, let’s chat! Your brand’s next chapter awaits 🌟

Becky x
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