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Get ready to shine: The best process to prep for your brand and website project

Whether you’re launching a new venture or giving your current brand a facelift, this new chapter in your business running journey is about to get super exciting.

Having been through the process three times myself and helping hundreds of clients rebrand, I know it can also feel incredibly daunting. Who to book with? Where to start? What do you even want?!

Let’s bring back the excitement and forget about the frazzle, this guide is a simple walkthrough of the best process to prep for a new or rebrand project.

Define your why

First things first, purchase a new notebook, because no you absolutely can never have too many.

Use this notebook as your brand bible and starting by defining your why. Why are you embarking on this adventure? What’s the heart and soul of your business? Take some time to reflect on your mission, vision, and values. This clarity will be your North Star throughout the project.

If you’re rebranding, it’s really important you consider why you’re choosing to rebrand. Are you changing direction in your service offering? Moving to a different target audience? Or have you simply outgrown your existing brand? This clarity will be your North Star throughout the project.

To delve into the heart of your brand even further, consider booking a designer who also offers a Brand Strategy Session.

Gather inspiration

Yes, an official excuse to spend time scrolling Pinterest.

Start collecting inspiration from all corners of the internet – Pinterest, Instagram, other brands etc… and pin to a secret board on Pinterest. Look for design elements, colour palettes, and messaging styles that speak to you. This mood board will be your creative playground.

Start with a broad mood board, pin everything you’re initially drawn to and then run through the board and finesse it. If you’re working with me, I’ll do the refining for you.

Collate your website copy

Whilst at the initial stage of thinking about your website, you don’t need to go into too much detail on your new websites copy, but it’s good to start making a rough list of pages and your brands tone.

As you get further into the project or book a Designer, it’s then time to start nailing your copy down. Think about your brand’s voice and craft copy that resonates with your audience. Clear, concise, and compelling copy will keep visitors engaged and eager to learn more.

Build a library of show-stopping brand imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I can’t stress enough about the importance of the quality and tone of your imagery – they will have a huge impact on how your new website looks and feels.

Trawl your existing library of images and make a final-cut selection; only choose the best for your new website.

If you don’t have a library of imagery, you’re changing direction or you’re a new business, invest in brand shoot. You won’t regret it.

Budget wisely

Ugh, the dreaded B-word. Set a realistic budget for your project and prioritise where you want to allocate your funds. Remember, investing in a strong brand and website now will pay off big time in the long run.

Want an overview on what a small or micro business should be looking to invest in their new brand & website? Here’s my guide.

Find your dream team

Cue the confetti – it’s time to assemble your dream squad! Whether you’re working with a freelance designer, a design agency, or going the DIY route, make sure you vibe with your team and feel confident in their abilities.

I recommend securing your Designer first. Research Designers first and make a list of 3 to enquire with, here’s my guide on finding the right fit for your brand.

Designers aside, consider hiring a Copywriter, Photography and potentially an SEO Pro. It’s worth checking with your preferred Designers if they have a go-to list of suppliers.

Don’t be afraid to wait

Good things come to those who wait, right? If you’re considering working with a designer, keep in mind that quality takes time.

While my waitlist may be months long, every single one of my clients tell me it flies by and none of them have ever regretted booking a Designer with a waitlist.

I have also had clients book another Designer with immediately availability only to enquire with me later wishing they had just waited!). Finding the right designer is worth the wait.

Be guided and enjoy the process

Once those key suppliers are booked, by guided by their process; everyone works differently so trust your team and go with the flow for a seamless experience.

If you’re planning to book with me, your journey begins with a welcome call before I invite you to your Hive (AKA my fancy custom built project management system) and get your hands on a huge stash of wonderful resources to help you in the run up to our project.

My project process has been built entirely with you at the forefront as I know how overwhelming it can feel.

Becky’s processes are *chefs kiss* AMAZING! As a wedding planner I am a stickler for detail and timelines and I definitely felt like I found a kindred spirit in Becky! Having access to my Hive and always knowing exactly where we were at, and exactly what I needed to do by when made the whole process of rebranding run so smoothly and was such an enjoyable experience.

Natasha – Aster & Gold

When it comes to other suppliers who are involved, be prepared to don your Project Manager hat to bring everyone together; shoot dates, copy deadlines and organising introductions or meetings with your team. Remember everyone wants the best possible outcome for your project.

From bijou event planners to luxe floristsstationery artisans, and fine art photographers, my experience spans across various small businesses. However, it’s the charm of collaborating with independent enterprises that I cherish the most. If you’re in search of a designer who excels within your industry, I would be delighted to connect with you!

Becky x
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