how to brief your designer for your print project…


Print projects don’t have to be a chore. Being organised and providing us with as much information as possible means us Designers can quote and turnaround your project as efficiently as possible.

Whether it’s a business card design, a flyer or a 100 page brochure, here are my top tips on how best to approach your Designer…

Provide a budget

This easily helps us guide you in the right direction of achievable options and print finishes, whilst taking into account the cost of our own services to design the item for you.

It could be that you’re dreaming of fancy foiled business cards, knowing your budget means we can tell you how many cards you can get for this amount. It also means we can give you an indication as to options above & below your budget.

Detail quantities

Combined with your budget, knowing the quantities you need will help us narrow down the finishing options.

Be organised with your content

Send your final content + imagery across in one tidy email, not 80. With an ever growing inbox, it’s hard for us to keep track of content if it’s coming in separate emails. We ❤ Dropbox. Remember to proof your content before sending!

Provide a design brief

Send us a brief before we have to nag you for one and we’ll love you forever. Before we begin designing, we’ll want to know:
– The purpose of the project
– Your target audience
– Goals
– End use
– Preferred size and orientation
– Print specification
– Deadline

And then you, my lovely, can sit back and let us do the work for you!


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