How to define your own unique style as a graphic, brand or website designer

In Module One – Chapter One of The B-Hive, we dive into the very foundations of your brand. Where will you fit into a world of successful Designers whilst still maintaining a unique approach that is going to have clients falling at your feet?

I’ve been running my design business for over 13 years and my-oh-my do I wish I knew about these foundations before I wasted time working with the wrong clients. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect for M1 C1…


All businesses have a market position and knowing where you sit is vital to running a stress-free business. Yes, that still includes you even if you’re currently sitting in leggings, a top knot and curled up wth your dog on the sofa.

We begin Chapter One by discovering your market position. I’ll share examples of the market and help you define exactly what end you’d like to position your self.


We then move on to defining your Designer Style. We’ll explore whether or not you’re a Client Led, Style Led or Trend Led Designer and you’ll see some amazingly inspirational examples of each. For each type, we also explore their market position and a peek into what you can expect to charge for your work.


Defining your design aesthetic is a major step to becoming a successful Designer. I’ll walk you through how to define your own aesthetic which will help you:

  1. Create a signature style
  2. Give consistency in your work
  3. Establish your individuality in a saturated market

I’ll share some common aesthetics and how to make them your own. To help you even further, there’s a worksheet included to ensure you can confidently pin-down your aesthetic.


Included within Module 1 is access to two sample client briefs. Created purely for you to have fun creating passion projects with your new found Designer Style. You can also submit your briefs for me to critique to help continue your learning and growth.

Joining the b-hive

The B-Hive is more than an e-course – it’s a perfect blend of online learning, one-to-one mentoring, and invaluable networking opportunities for Graphic, Brand & Website Designers.

It’s your fast-track pass to confidently running a successful, profitable design business.

The B-Hive doors open twice annually with lifetime access to all course content once you’re in. To find out more and to join The B-hive, click here.

Love, Becky x


the b-hive

The B-hive is a six week online down-to-earth business accelerator for Graphic, Branding and Website Designers.

The B-Hive is designed to cover everything they didn’t teach you in design school.

You’ll be learning from the big wins, and big mistakes, of someone with over 12 years’ experience running a successful self-employed design business.

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If online learning isn’t your thing or you prefer a more hands on approach to support, I also offer 1:1 sessions.

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