How to find design clients

In Module One – Chapter Three of The B-Hive, I’m going to share my expert tips on how to find clients. And yes, I’m talking about real clients that will pay your invoice.

Whether your starting out, changing your niche or struggling to get clients, let me give you a glimpse into M1 C3…


Before you can start finding clients, there are a few basics all Designers need. This includes:

  1. An email address
  2. Social media profiles
  3. A website
  4. A portfolio of work

I share my top-tips on all of the above, plus my secret to building your dream portfolio without having any paying clients.


Every Designer starts with zero clients, or at least clients that aren’t our family members. This stage of the chapter walks you through the four key places you can go to find clients along with a worksheet to help you along.

I’ll also share how you can engage with your clients to build an incredible reputation.


The entirety of The B-Hive is built on transparency, which means I’m not going to tell you becoming a Designer will make you a millionaire overnight instead, I’m going to teach you how to work smarter to achieve your own version of success.

And the biggest path to success is putting in the work. I never have, and never will use cheesy marketing tactics, run a sale, discounted my prices or worked for free. But one thing I have consistently done is put in the work and that has translated into a business where I am fully booked, financial secure, happy and thriving. I’ll wrap up Chapter Three by sharing all of secrets on how I achieved this.

Love, Becky x


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The B-hive is a six week online down-to-earth business accelerator for Graphic, Branding and Website Designers.

The B-Hive is designed to cover everything they didn’t teach you in design school.

You’ll be learning from the big wins, and big mistakes, of someone with over 12 years’ experience running a successful self-employed design business.

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