How to niche your niche as a Designer

In Module One – Chapter Two of The B-Hive, I’m going to bust the myth that niching has to mean one specific industry and undo everything you think you know about niching.

I become the go-to Designer for a group of very specific individuals and Chapter Two is going to teach you how to do the exact same thing, but with your very own niche. Here’s a look into the content for M1 C2…


Us Designers flourish in areas we have personal interests in, it’s how we find fulfilment in our work. This stage of the chapter helps you define the very basics of discovering your niche. There’s a worksheet with questions, prompts and boxes to help you along too.


Once you’ve found your perfect niche, I’ll share my tips on how to validate your niche to ensure you’ll be able to run a profitable business with your new-found niche. As with the previous stage, I’ve included questions and prompts to guide you through this.


A stage of the process dedicated to one thing, and one thing only…you.

It’s all very well you knowing how amazingly you can serve your clients but ultimately, your potential clients need to know this too. This stage shares all of my secrets on how to define your difference in a world full of Designers.


We wrap up chapter two with a few home truths and a focus on changing your mindset from not believing your are good enough to believing you are not only the best Designer for your niche but the only one your clients need.


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