Managing client feedback as a designer

It doesn’t matter how far you come as a designer, the moment you see that initial email from a client after sending over their design your heart skips a beat. You feel a little sick. You might even run away from your desk completely. But it doesn’t have to be an anxiety evoking process, in fact I want you to love feedback.

Module Four – Chapter Four of The B-Hive is going to walk you through how to navigate all forms of feedback. There is no getting away from navigating feedback as a Designer and it’s really important you know how to process it in a way that isn’t going to leave you feeling deflated or jaded by your chosen career path.

In this Chapter I want to transform your mindset around receiving feedback and provide a few pointers on how to manage client feedback as a whole.

Here’s a look into what is covered in M4 C4…


When it comes to feedback, setting boundaries are imperative to staying a sane Designer. I’ll share my recommendations on what type of boundaries and non-negotiables to set, even from that very first enquiry with your client and how to feel confident enforcing them.


We then look into the three core types of feedback your clients are going to give; what they are, why you might receive them and how to process them. This is where a little shift in your mindset will come into play to ensure you stay sane and happy in your creative role.


All Designers receive negative feedback at some point in their career. Sometime it’s negative but there’s a glimmer of hope, other time it’s so awful it makes a Designer want to quit. Over the 13 years I’ve been a Designer, I’ve experienced all levels of client feedback; from the first preview sign-off to the client from hell.

We wrap up this chapter by guiding you through a process to ensure you know exactly what to do if this happens to you, including your legal rights should you need to cancel a project.


Within the resource section for Module Four, I’ve included over 40 client scripts.

There are scripts for negative feedback, project cancellations, getting a client on track and more…Those days of hovering your fingers over you keyboard wondering what to say will be gone!


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