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We spin around on our chair just making things look pretty all day whilst having the super power of mind reading, right? Oh no. We’re not mind readers, design is never, ever a ‘quick’ task and as much as we wish we could adding copywriting and tech support to our list of skills, we’d like to stay focused on the design – pretty please!

We’re not mindreaders

If I had a pair of Manolo’s for every time a client assumed I could mind read, I would be living my best Carrie Bradshaw life.

We fully appreciate sometimes you may not know 100% what you’re actually wanting to achieve but always try to be clear & concise with your instructions.

I, personally, am a lover of a straight-to-it bullet point list!

Edits aren’t quick

As much as we wish everything could be done with the flick of a button, edits take time.

What may seem like a simple change to you, is actually something that has taken us years to learn. Placement of everything, typography choices and use of colour have all been carefully thought out. Even a ‘quick’ text change means potential layout alterations and re-preparing a file.

Remember we work with professional design software, even saving files for you to proof takes time to do. More so if the file is for print.

Psst…Pretty please, never utter the words “It will only take you two seconds”. It’s demeaning to our skills, knowledge and makes us sad 🙁

We’re not proofreaders

Ever asked your Dentist to mow your lawn? Didn’t think so.

It may sound a little odd but we won’t change spelling or grammar mistakes, even if we spot them. We may point them out to you, but won’t change them. You’ll be surprised how many times I’ve heard stories from Designers who have corrected a typo for a client only to be told by the client to change it back.

It’s not our job to proof for you, we’re here for the design only. If you’re ever unsure, hire a Copywriter to do the proofing or writing for you.

Proofing your copy before sending also means you won’t have to pay for revisions for any mistakes spotted once you’ve viewed the design we’ve created.

we’re not tech support

Tech savvy, yes., but creative tech knowledge doesn’t mean we know how to fix all computer problems.

we’re just herE to make things pretty

Sure, we do make things look incredible but behind every single piece of design is so much more than the aesthetics. There’s thought, process, strategic reasoning and market research. It involves understanding your industry, your business and you. Which is something that has taken us years to master.




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