Portfolio : Abigail Constanza

service: brand identity
the vibe: parisian style – new york attitude

Abigail Constanza is a freelance bridal hairstylist determined to redefine bridal hair and make it modern, cool and fashionable again.

Creating a brand identity that’s chic, edgy and youthful, I used a bold, vivacious colour palette featuring shades of pink and orange. Combining Abigail’s initials into a beautiful letterform made my inner type geek very happy!  

brand overview

the bld ethos

a foundation of:

and trust

am i the designer for you?

Because this works best if we’re a perfect match…

With over 13 years’ experience as a Designer, I’ve helped brands of all shapes and sizes, but it’s working with small creative businesses and passionate solopreneurs that sets my heart aflutter.

My clients know good design when they see it and they understand its value. Whether you’re just starting out or a few years in, you’re here because you’re ready to push forward, take a leap and fly. I’ve been where you are, and I know how exciting it is when an email from your dream client lands in your inbox. I want to help make that happen many times over.