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Please note: this support request page is for emergency support. For all other requests, please head to my standard support page. 

First, let’s check it’s not an internet issue:

Before doing anything else, please check if the site loads for you on a different device without WIFI connected. For example, try turning WIFI off on your phone and loading up the site. If the website loads fine in this instance, it’s a problem with your internet connection. This isn’t something I can help with but it usually resolves itself.

Next, let’s check it’s not a Hosting issue:

If any of the following errors are displaying on your website, please contact your Host to resolve the problem:
– “Internal Server Error”
– “Error establishing database connection”
– “…server IP address could not be found”
– “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found”
– 503 Error

If you’re seeing:
“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”

This usually refreshes within 30 minutes. Clear your browser cache before checking again. If the issue persists longer than 30 minutes, please contact your Host.

Next, let’s check it isn’t an issue with your SSL certificate:
If your website is showing as insecure when visiting either directly or via Google, this will be due to either not having an SSL certificate or your certificate expiring. Please contact your Host to either purchase or renew your certificate.

None of the above? Let’s pinpoint the issue…

To submit an SOS request, please use the form below.

The form below will help me pinpoint what has gone wrong and allow me to quickly resolve the issue, thus resulting in your site being back-up and running in the quickest time possible.

If you’re within your maintenance period and your website needs restoring, I will restore the latest back-up I have taken.
If you’re not within your maintenance period, I will only be able to restore the website to the final back-up I took.

Ensure you are completely honest with me in regards to any updates or changes you may have made, by doing so will mean I can efficiently resolve the problem which of course means a lower support fee, yay!

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