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Thank you for sending over everything I need to know, to complete your support request please make payment of your diagnostics fee by choosing the type of support you need.

This will only be refunded if the issue isn’t due to a user error, a plugin you’ve installed or hosting issues. If further work needs to be done to resolve the issue, a quote will be provided.

I understand how frustrating it is to have issues with your website however technical issues are never caused by myself, your kindness and patience will go a long way to enabling me to look into the issue efficiently.

Need to Upgrade to Crisis Support?

My studio hours are Mon-Thurs, 9am to 5pm. 

During this time, if you submit a support request you can rest assured this will be looked into immediately and a response will land within 1-5 hours depending on the complexity of your issue.

If you’re submitting your support request out of hours, you’re welcome to upgrade the level of support to crisis for an additional £350 which will see a response time during extended hours of Mon-Saturday, 8am – 10pm. Should you not request crisis support, I’ll be looking into the issue as soon as I’m at my desk on the next working day.

Please note: the crisis support upgrade is non-refundable regardless of the results of the issue.