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Whether you've accidentally deleted something from your site or in need of some more in-depth help dealing with an issue, book in for a site fix below. I'll have given you the option you need to choose from the dropdown box below via email.



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Be as specific as possible, including any steps you took prior to the issue arising. Add links to any relevant pages on your website if applicable. The box is expandable!

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Don’t worry if you were, knowing what you may have been working on initially will help speed up the process of pinning down the issue.

If yes, what were you working on?

Did you make any core updates? *

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Aside from me and you of course.

Is the issue specific to a certain browser or device?

For example, are you seeing issues only on mobile? If yes, in order for me to be able to check if I can replicate the issue and pinpoint whether it’s site related, I’ll need; device type + version (i.e. iPhone 6 or Macbook Pro etc…), browser (i.e. Safari/Google Chrome etc…)

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