12 month renewal

Just like your boiler, your car and your hair – your site needs regular maintenance to ensure it stays running smoothly!

Booking for 12 months of maintenance has you covered for:

1. Monthly plugin updates & plugin conflict resolution
Plugins are like apps to your website, updating these is vital to ensure your website stays running smoothly and securely. Outdated plugins can cause speed issues, loading problems and general site glitches.

Plugin updates can also cause conflicts with your website. By having me handle the updates, I’ll spot these straight away during the update process and know how to resolve this.

2. A monthly back-up
Should the worst happen and your site crashes, gets hacked or needs restoring, I’ll always have a back-up to hand.

3. WordPress Updates
WordPress updates are released a few times a year and your site must be updated to ensure it stays running smoothly.

A WordPress update however is major changes to the core of your website. Not done probably or updating at the wrong time can cause your whole website to crash. Instead, I handle these for you so there’s no stress on your part!

4. Security Updates
From time-to-time security patches are released for plugins and WordPress, it’s important these are updated straight away. As a WordPress community member, I get notified the moment these are realised so I can ensure your site stays as secure as possible.

5. Priorty Access to Support
Should anything ever go wrong with your website, you’ll have priority access to my support system.

Plus, your Hive will remain active and you’ll continue to access all of my guidance and tutorials, yay!