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Ready for a picture perfect website? Here’s my guide to imagery

If you’re diving into the exciting world of website design for your small business, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the age-old question: “How many images do I need for my new site?”

Whilst I wish I could give you an exact one-size-fits-all answer, the reality is the quantity you need is very dependant on your aesthetic and service offering. Instead, let me walk you through minimum requirements based not only on the years of experience I have working with small businesses but also know how transformative the right images are for a

Why brand imagery is so important

First things first, let’s talk about the power of pictures. They’re not just pretty pixels, they’re your digital ambassadors, working round the clock to woo your audience and seal the deal. Images can also make or break your website, here’s why…

Eye Candy
Our online attention spans rival that of a goldfish, stunning visuals are your secret weapon to stop scrollers dead in their tracks.

Trust Builders
Ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, in web lingo, it’s worth a thousand trust points. High-quality images scream professionalism and authenticity, building rapport with your dream clients faster than words.

Brand Storytellers
Your website isn’t just a digital brochure—it’s the story of your brand, waiting to be told in pixels and pizzazz. Custom images aren’t just pretty faces; they’re your brand’s spirit animal, shouting your values from the digital rooftops.

Picture perfect pages: How many do you actually need?

Now, onto the juicy stuff—how many snaps do you need to sprinkle that visual magic across your website? It’s a question I am often asked.

For your key pages
Think homepage, about page, and product/service pages—aim for a visual feast of 7-10 images per page. These babies should be as tantalising as a five-star dessert menu, serving up a mix of hero shots, product/service showcases, and behind-the-scenes gems.

Galleries or Portfolios
And when it comes to those gallery pages, we’re talking 30+ images of pure visual goodness, showcasing your work, products, or portfolio in all its glory. There is a limit though, your gallery or portfolio should only highlight your absolute best work so don’t be throwing everything in there. The reality is, no one tends to scroll or swipe through 100s of images either.

I mentioned earlier about how the power of imagery can make or break your website. You can hire the best website designer in the world and they can design the most wonderful website for you, but if your images look like they were taking on an iPhone 5 and have 10 instagram filters from 2014 applied, your website is going to look terrible. Only use your absolute best imagery. Quality over quantity, always.

If you have hundreds of amazing images, you’re the kind of client I dream about. If you’ve chosen your website designer wisely, they are in the perfect position to pick out showstoppers and work with you to curate the finest selection for your brand.

Your brand deserves a custom brand shoot

A game-changer for small businesses: brand shoots! No, we’re not talking those horrendous headshots on white backgrounds, we’re talking beautifully curated imagery of your brand. From at work, product shots, lifestyle images and BTS.

Say goodbye to bland stock photos and hello to a visual masterpiece that’s as unique as you are. A custom brand shoot is your golden ticket to capturing the essence of your brand in pixels, with a little help from a pro photographer.

Even if you’re in an industry which doesn’t have physical products or a cute AF studio, a good Photographer can do wonders. Let me show you a few snaps from brand Photographer’s my clients have recently worked with:

For Hannah

Hannah Seaman Brand Shoot / Stories by Chloe

For Claire

Aurora Nyx / Poppy Carter Portraits

For Karan

Dr Jutlla / Curated by Priya

To wrap up

In a nutshell, the number of images you need for your website is as unique as your brand. But whether you’re aiming for a minimalist chic or a maximalist extravaganza, one thing’s for sure: quality trumps quantity every time.

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