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Brand + Website Consultations

Feeling unsure, confused or Pinterest deep in comparison envy of other brands?

Have the advantage of a Designer with 14 years of brand and website experience cast her eyes over your brand.

Do you really need a new website? Do you have to rebrand? How do you manage multiple services under one brand? My consultation session aims to alleviate any brand or website stress you may be having and provide you with a clear, concise path. Whether you need a full rebrand or tips on how to easily spruce up your website, my consultation sessions are always honest with an aim to have you feeling brand happy at the end of our session.

option 01

identity review

Not sure if your logo is appealing to your ideal client but sitting on the fence about a rebrand?

My Brand Identity review session includes:

– 1:1 consultation
– Defining your ideal client
– Critique of your logo design and any supporting assets (icons for example)
– Critique of your colour palette, including a colour psychology breakdown
– Critique of your brands typography
– A conclusion report detailing whether your brand can be improved and action points or if you should opt for a full rebrand

investment: £450

option 02

strategy session

A strategy session is ideal if you’re in a muddle with specific elements or everything within your business which go beyond the visuals. It is also particularly suited to those offering multiple services and confusion surrounding how they may sit within one brand or work as multiple brands.

A Strategy Session includes:

– 1:1 consultation
– Review of existing brand(s) + service offering(s)
– Defining your ideal client(s), brands core values + your brands personality
– Market Position + Competitor Analysis
– Critique of any existing brand identity + website
– A full report on action points to move forward with

For businesses with multiple service offerings within different disciplines, it also includes:

– Defining the brand stucture
– Positioning the brands + service offerings

investment: from £600

option 03

website review

Not sure if your website is working hard enough for you? Conscious your site needs improvements but you’re not sure what?

A Website Review includes:

– A 1:1 consultation
– A full video walkthrough of my exploring your website from a client point of view
– Critique of the website design, layout, user experience and website functions
– Checking for glitches, bugs and broken links
– A review of the technology used on the website + speed check
– A conclusion report detailing whether your website can be improved and action points or if you should opt for a full redesign

investment: £800

option 04

full brand review

Something about your brand not quite sitting right?

The full review includes everything you see in the brand, stratey + website options:

– 1:1 consultation
– Brand strategy
– Full brand identity review
– Full website review
– Review of existing brand(s) + service offering(s)
– A full report on action points to move forward with

investment: £1495

“becky is so much more than a brand designer, she has helped me to focus so much on what I really wanted from my business”

– abigail


Is the fee deductible against a future booking?

No, all reviews are completely impartial and not designed to upsell my other services. Reviews are a completely independant service to my Brand + Website design services.

What is current availability?

For 1:1 reviews, I’m welcoming new clients from late Summer but you’d be welcome to choose a later date.


Yes! All reviews are split into two payments: 50% on booking with the remaining 50% due a week prior to our consultation call.

If your review suggests a rebrand, do I have to book with you?

I would be thrilled but no, you don’t. You’re not locked in to working with me should your final review suggest a rebrand of your identity and/or website.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made via BACS or PayPal for international clients.

do you work with all industries?

Yes! I have clients working within a huge variety of industries from coaches, therapists, florists, creatives to luxury product based brands. I am always open to working with clients in a new industry (in fact, research and learning about a new industry is one of my favourite things to do!)

When you request to book, I always ensure we are the right match before confirming my availability with you. I’m always honest, so if I don’t feel I’m the Designer for you or your brand, I will always say.

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