Understanding font licensing as a Designer

As a creative, you should always be respective of another creatives work. Imagine how you would feel to have your client or another Designer ignore your terms or guidelines? It’s the same for Font Designers & Foundries – respect the license and avoid legal fees.

Unless you plan to create fonts from scratch, which is great for branding but not so ideal for the day-to-day of client work, you’re going to be working with fonts.

Understanding font licensing is going to be imperative for your design work because the worst thing you can do is use a beautiful font, create a gorgeous piece of design only to have an angry email from your client asking why they are being sued by a font foundry.

Here are two top tips on using fonts in your design projects…

Check Licensing

Before committing to a font for a client project, read through the license to ensure it covers you for the scope of work you’ll need it to.

Can it be used in branding?
Is the use limited to a certain amount of print runs?
Can it be used on your clients website?

Don’t share fonts with clients

You should never share font files with your client, even in packaged InDesign folders.

Your client will need to buy their own license should they wish to use it so it’s important you make this clear from the beginning for branding projects and for any design projects whereby the client will need to edit the design or is purchasing source artwork from you.

A note in your terms is good but be as transparent as possible and even mention this in emails to your client.


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