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Uplevel your beauty business: A guide to choosing the perfect website designer

Your website is your beauty businesses secret weapon. It’s not only where your potential new clients get the glimpse of your brand but the tool to make your business life easier.

Your website should look as beautiful and should work hard for you – the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive, which is why it is crucial to find the right website designer for your beauty businesses.

Here are my top four tips on finding a Website Designer who will not only make you look good on the outside, they’ll make you feel amazing on the inside.

One: Budget, babe

Defining your budget should be the first step as this is going to help you streamline the many, many choices available to you.

For an exclusive luxury beauty brand, your website design budget should be £4000+

For mid level luxury beauty brands, a budget of £2000+ is recommended.

This will give you the flexibility to work with a Designer who is experienced and understands your position in the market, which will not only result in the aesthetics your brand needs but the tech proficiency you need.

For low level beauty brands, a realistic website design budget is £1000+.

If you’re paying less than £1000 for a website build, it’s going to show and as a business all about aesthetics, you deserver better.

Two: Portfolios

Just like your clients come to you for your skills, expertise and approach, it’s important you do to the same when choosing a Website Designer.

You have got to love the work your website designer is producing. Browse their portfolio, stalk their social profiles and get a really good understanding of their level of work.

Pay attention to designs which align with your vision, such as colour palettes, layouts, and overall aesthetics. Whilst a good Designer will never copy, if you love the work they are producing, it’s a really great sign you’ll be a perfect match.

Three: Industry experience

The beauty industry is a realm of its own, with distinct aesthetics and trends that evolve faster than you can say “makeover.” To truly make your website stand out in this competitive landscape, look for a website designer who not only possesses the technical prowess your website needs but also boasts a deep understanding of the beauty industry’s unique dynamics.

The beauty world is all about aesthetics. From makeup palettes to skincare packaging, the visual aspect plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. A designer with experience in the beauty industry will have an intuitive understanding of the colours, layouts, and design elements that resonate with your target audience. They can bring your brand’s visual identity to life in a way that speaks directly to the hearts of beauty enthusiasts.

Aesthetics aside, the user experience on your website should be as smooth as the glide of a perfectly formulated lipstick. Your clients are not just looking for products or services; they want an immersive and enjoyable journey while exploring your offerings.

Look for designers who are not only talented but also well-versed in the beauty world. Their familiarity with the industry’s aesthetics and customer expectations will help your website resonate with your target audience.

Four: Don’t be afraid of waitlists

If you’re business is the kind which is booked up months in advance, you likely won’t be afraid of waiting for the right Designer anyway.

Designers with waitlists often have a higher demand for their services, which is typically a testament to their exceptional skills and reputation. That subtle brag aside, remember you have a lot of prep-work to do, particularly if you’re planning to have a full website built too which you’ll need to fit in alongside running the business itself – give yourself time and give your brand the dedication is deserves but choosing a Designer with a two+ month waitlist to give yourself flexibility with the prep work.

From skin therapists to hair stylists, I’ve worked with every corner of the beauty industry but it’s the small, independent business who I adore working with the most. If you’re looking for a Designer who thrives within your Industry, I would love to hear from you!

Becky x
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