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I get it. Thinking about redesigning your website makes you want to crack open the gin. I promise you’ll love every step of my process, you’ll have fun, you’ll rediscover your brand and at the end you’ll be kicking virtual ass.

Before you book in and any of your hard earned money is exchanged, you’ll be fully aware of how my process works, the exact items your bundle includes & the date I can start your project. You will also always know the exact dates you are due to receive work/visuals from me and will never be sat around wondering when those eagerly anticipated visuals are due! Plus, becoming a client of mine means you get extra special treats.

here’s a step-by-step guideline of my process:



Let’s get things started

You’ll book by completing my booking form here. This initial form gathers the basic details I need to get the project started.

Completion of your booking form will generate an invoice and a design contract, both of which will be emailed directly to you. All projects are split into instalment payments.

Available dates are on a first come basis and only secured upon receipt your deposit and contract.


website brief

Discovering your web dreams

You’ll be asked to complete my website brief form. This form is focused entirely on your visions for the new website and asks everything I need to know to ensure that your site not only looks how you’d like but has all of the functions you need.



Let’s get to know each other

We’ll chat all about your visions for the new website, covering the technical side as well as the pretty. I’ll also go over the next few stages with you so you know exactly how the development process works.


site content

Collating your content & imagery

At this stage, you’ll need to provide me with all of the relevant content and imagery to be used on your site.

I’ll invite you to a shared Dropbox folder which will be set up to ensure you can add your content as efficiently as possible. You’ll have guidelines and templates to follow which will help you feeling overwhelmed.

Once you’ve finished collating your content, you’ll use a form on your Hive to confirm so and you, my darling, can officially put your feet up!


design concepts

Design development

You’ll be presented with two design concepts for your new website design. These concepts will show key pages of your website, will detail key features & functions and will showcase the website’s styling.

Once you’ve chosen you’re preferred website, I’ll get to work on your full site development.


test website

The exciting bit!

Your test site will be ready to preview within 10-21 working days after signing off your preferred design concept. You’ll see and test a fully functional, oh so gorgeous, website design.

You’ll be asked to submit any refinements you’d like to see and we’ll tweak & perfect the site and go over everything with fine-toothed comb together.



Pour the champagne!

When the site is at a place you’re happy for it to be launched, I’ll migrate the website to your domain and we’ll set a launch date in place.

You’ll receive access to my online video tutorials and be handed my post-launch site guidelines. 

For the first twelve months of your site launching, I’ll take monthly back-ups and ensure all plugins are up to date and running smoothly so you don’t need to worry about day-to-date site maintenance. 

The website is then yours to do as you wish but know I’ll always be around should you prefer to hand over updates to me.

ready to book?

My studio is based in Sheffield, UK and welcomes clients worldwide | Terms & Conditions