What is foil printing?

Foil printing looks super luxurious. It creates visual impact, even when used sparingly. In other words, it’ll make your brand or wedding stationery feel seriously fancy!

Foil printing, sometimes called foil stamping, is a speciality printing process involving heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film.

Although available in a range of finishes, metallic foil is most commonly seen today, with gold foil, silver foil, and copper foil being particularly popular.

Early foil printing was incredibly labour intensive, so its use was generally restricted to book covers. Modernisation and the introduction of atomized gold on thin sheets of polyester film helped simplify the process. Nowadays, there are two methods of foil printing – hot and digital.

Hot Foil Printing

In hot foil printing, a metal or plastic plate of the design is made and then pressed into the cardstock to create an embossed impression and foil finish. This doesn’t have to be metallic, pearls and neon colours are also available.

As you can see in this video, the entire process is carried out by hand using a press machine. It’s very time-consuming, so hot foil printing can be expensive, but it does offer the best quality finish.

Digital Foil Printing

Digital foil printing involves black artwork being printed and then overlaid with foil. This is then run through a laminator to create the desired look. The finished product is generally cheaper, but results can be a little patchy.

Why Your Stationery Need Foil Printing

Foil printing is a stylish and elegant option for your branding or wedding invitations. It creates a spectacular finish that looks and feels luxurious. Foils are naturally eye-catching and react beautifully to light, so foiling is a great way to give a simple design more impact.

Metallics are also incredibly versatile.

Remember, luxury touches like foil printing take time, so print projects can have a lead time of up to 6 weeks.


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