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Why I’m happy keeping my business as a one woman band

It’s been 15 years since I launched Becky Lord Design, entered the world of running a business and being self employed. Little did I know that this solo venture would become a defining aspect of my professional life and personal life.

15 years of ups, downs, highs and lows but the one thing I’m most proud of? Not expanding my team and remaining solo.

At the time of launching and the many years after, the overall definition of success for a soloprenuer was to grow, hustle, grow bigger, hustle harder and eventually sell that business for six figures before moving on to the next.

We’re in a world which often celebrates growth, expansion and going viral. Meanwhile, I found solace and success in staying true to the essence of my craft without building a sprawling team. I’m still flying solo and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re at a point of your business journey where you’re agonising over a decision on whether or not to expand your team or business, let me talk you through why you don’t need to define your success on expanding your business and how the definition of growth can mean more than simply hiring new team members…

Not every lake dreams of being an ocean

Your business doesn’t have to become a colossal entity or turnover six-figures to be “successful”. You define what success means to you.

The analogy of a lake and an ocean resonates so deeply with my business ethos. A lake, though much smaller in comparison to the sea, possesses its own unique charm, ecosystem, and character. Similarly, my design studio, whilst not the largest, thrives on its individuality, carving out its niche in the vast landscape of creatives.

This focused approach has allowed me to excel in my chosen domain rather than diluting my expertise across various areas.

Find joy in nurturing relationships & collaboration

Building and nurturing client relationships is a cornerstone of any successful business and one of my own core reasons for maintaining a solo operation is the preservation of that personal touch.

Every design, even every email that leaves my studio bears the imprint of my creativity, personality and passion. While growth often necessitates delegation, I chose to prioritise quality over quantity, ensuring that each project receives the attention and care it deserves.

Clients aside, having a go-to list of fellow small businesses who can take over the tasks I find daunting, confusing or down right boring frees up time to focus on doing the things I love the most within my business. By collaborating with other small businesses, I still have the freedom to delegate tasks without the need for hiring new staff.

It’s ok to stay small

Staying small doesn’t mean you aren’t growing. As business owners we are forever learning, adapting, exploring and evolving. The moment you let go of the expectation that you can only grow your business by expanding your team, the sooner you’ll free up some well needed mental energy and allow yourself to focus on other areas of growing your business; from learning a new skill to finding your own must-have suppliers.

Success is being happy with whatever decision you choose to make in your business.

Becky x
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